Awaken The Top Agent Within!

"How To Awaken The Top Agent Within...
And Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!"

"Your Success Assignment"

How To Reignite Lost Passion
For Your Dreams... In Just 31 Days!

Dear Realtor... Have You Lost Your Passion For Real Estate?

I know I did many times as an agent. After all, who the heck likes to hear the word no 50 times a day! I don't care who you are... those 'nos' do wear you out!

I Like What Zig Ziglar Said...

“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”

Some Days... I Must Shower Twice!

Are you the same way too? I have found out I am my own worse enemy. They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste but I have learned a deeper truth... a mind is often a terrible thing to have! That's why we need to discover how to master our minds so that they become assets instead of liabilities.

For Example... Think Back To The Days When You Were NOT An Agent!

Can you recall those days leading up to the decision to get your real estate license? You wanted more out of life. You wanted a better future. Then the moment arrived when you finally made the decision... 'Yes I will have that better life I want by becoming a real estate agent!".

'Why' Did You Say Yes To That Decision?

Because you had dreams. And those 'dreams' motivated you to take action to become an agent. You took action towards your dreams because you felt in your heart real estate sales was the way for you to realize your dreams... such as:

  • A better life...
  • A better neighborhood...
  • A better financial future... a stress free... a worry free life of abundance.

But Something Went Terribly Wrong Didn't It!

You're not alone... upwards of 92% of agents experience the very same thing. They come into the business all excited because they see the opportunity as 'the' way to achieve their 'dreams'. Then, some within a few months and others within a few years, stop focusing on their 'dreams'. Instead they begin to 'hear' from other people, such as other agents, news reporters, (and even friends) that things are tight, the economy is bad, sellers are nuts, buyers are liars... or whatever the negative happens to be... for it really doesn't matter... for the negative is there for one purpose... to cause you to fail!

Are You Going To Listen To The Negative People?

What are these people doing for you? Do their opinions ever get you that awesome home you were dreaming about? What about the financial freedom you wanted? And your family... how does your family benefit by listening to these so called experts?

  • Negative people never pull you to your dreams.
  • Negative people never support you in your dreams.
  • Negative people never stand with you for your dreams!

Negative People Are Thieves... They Break Into Your Life To Steal Your Dreams!

And that's exactly what these negative people want for you... they want you...

  • to give up,
  • to stop thinking you can live a better life,
  • to quit your dreams once and for all,
  • to stay 'average' all your life,
  • to sit on the couch night after night sucking on the end of a beer bottle or pigging out on bag after bag of chips until you have a big fat ass!

Why Do They Want This For You?

Because for most of them... that is all they want for themselves... and they certainly do not want any other person to live in abundance. So they rain on your parade hoping you give up like they have!

Here's What You Ought To Say To Those Negative People!

Shut the H _ _ L up... I'm not going to live your nightmare! (That's what winners say! And believe me when I say in life you will meet far more losers then you ever will winners!)

Here's The Only Secret To Success You'll Ever Need To Know!

It is your 'dreams' that determine your success and not the opinions of the losers out there whose only purpose in life is to ensure you stay broke, stay discouraged, and stay going nowhere but down to their miserable level of existence!

Buck Up Soldier... It's Time To Get Your Dreams Back!

How do you do that? That's what this life changing program is all about! It's about you getting excited about your dreams all over again!


"Your Success Assignment"

How To Reignite Lost Passion
For Your Dreams... In Just 31 Days!

It's 120 jam-packed pages of
performance exploding strategies!

** Plus it comes with 31 videos and 31 audio MP3s! **

Nothing Is Left Out!

You will discover powerful & proven strategies
to reignite your passion & fuel your
determination to achieve
your dreams

Only 'Your Success Assignment' gives you the inside secrets on how
to develop powerful internal motivation propelling yourself
to action, peak performance, and continual success.

It's A 31 Day Program That Lasts For 90 Days!

What? Yes 90 days...

1. The program consists of 31 unique Success Assignments.
2. It takes about 15 minutes to do each assignment.
3. You will do 1 Success Assignment on Day 1.
4. You will then take 2 days off to implement what you have learned on Day 1.
5. Then you will do Day 2 and take 2 days off to implement day 2 into your life.
6. And so on, and so on for each day.
7. The total time is 90 days.

Yes... Maximum Benefits Guaranteed!

1. Time To Excel!

This 90 day program gives you sufficient time to make the transformation required to reignite your lost passion.

2. Repeat The Program At No Additional Cost!

There are four 90 day cycles in a year. You can repeat the program up to 4 times per year...

  • And at no additional expense!

3. Results Guaranteed!

By doing the program at least 2 times per year... you are guaranteeing yourself:

  • Maximum implementation.
  • Maximum benefits.
  • Maximum results.

Say Yes To Your Dreams All Over Again!

'Your Success Assignment' is a result exploding success transformation system that will reignite your enthusiasm for the attainment of your dreams!

  1. The principles, when applied, will transform your thinking.
  2. It will cause you to take the actions you currently seem unwilling or incapable of taking.
  3. It will revolutionize your business and yes... even your personal life!

Here's The Bottom Line...

Forget about doing the following 'stuff' in hopes of reigniting your passion!

(1) more sales training
(2) more sales seminars
(3) more sales coaching
(4) more sales marketing
(5) more sales gadgets

Then What Is Required?

"You need is to get passionate about your dreams all over again!
This is the change that will empower you to do the
actions required to live your dreams!"

And If You Are Ready...

(1) To invest in yourself...
(2) Then you have found the system that will, if you do it, take you to the top!

What Will 'Your Success Assignment' Do For You?

'Your Success Assignment' goes far beyond basic motivation. It extends into what matters most... your internal communication and personal identity.

  • It is a step-by-step process delivered in a day-to-day approach that transforms the internal vision of yourself from that of an average agent into a super achiever!

Here is what we discuss inside 'Your Success Assignment'.

Your Success Assignment

Section 1: Preparing Yourself To Excel

Day 1: Your 3 Engagement Options for Success
Day 2: Discovering The Greatest Motivator of All Time
Day 3: You Are What You Say
Day 4: Getting The Advantage
Day 5: How To Develop Your Advantage
Day 6: Identifying Their Words
Day 7: The Opposite
Day 8: A World of Words
Day 9: Word War 3 - Taking Your Land Back
Day 10: Brushing Your Teeth

Section 2: Design Your Plan

Day 11: Every Product or Service Is Created To Solve A Problem
Day 12: Are You Having Dreams or Visions?
Day 13: Your Imagination Is Your Strength
Day 14: What Are Goals?
Day 15: More On 'What Are Goals?'
Day 16: Activity Goals
Day 17: Balancing Goals

Section 3: Smashing Through Obstacles

Day 18: Breaking Doubt
Day 19: Success Power Phrases
Day 20: Own or Rent?
Day 21: Doubt Is Your Opponent
Day 22: Defeat Doubt & Failure
Day 23: Smashing Through To Victory
Day 24: Power Steps To Achieving Your Dreams

Section 4: Success Keys

Day 25: What You Love Will Reward You
Day 26: What Will You Ignore?
Day 27: How To Be Loyal To Yourself
Day 28: How To Protect Your Focus
Day 29: Extraordinary Focus Precedes Extraordinary Performance
Day 30: Your Two Most Powerful Resources
Day 31: Pursue Wisdom & Your Dream Will Manifest

Section 5: Success Summary

Important Recommendations for Ongoing Success

Nothing Is Left Out!

You Will Know Exactly What To Do To...
"Awaken The Top Agent Within!"

Say Yes To Your Dreams!

"Yes... I Want To Awaken The Top Agent Within!"

I understand I will receive the following

The 120 Page

'Your Success Assignment' e-book!

Plus I Will Also Get...

The 38 Page

'Your Success Assignment' Workbook!

31 Videos

Filled With Additional Personal Instruction

31 MP3 Audio files

To Listen 'On-The-Go' Anytime!

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Save 50% And Invest Only $29.99

(Yes Only $29.99 and on top of that it is a one time investment!)


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I have been helping agents to sell more homes since 1987. My experience has taught me success does not come by chance. It requires personal awareness, vision, and dedication. 'Your Success Assignment' outlines essential self-management and self-motivation principles success demands for continual and ever expanding commitment to your goals and dreams.

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